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Dead Poets Society - My favorite DPS site

Gale Hansen

IMDb Gale Hansen - The Internet Movie Database entry for Gale Hansen
Class of 96 Episode Guide - Episode Guide for the last TV Show Gale was in.

Josh Charles

JOSH CHARLES: MISSING LINKS - A really great site for Josh!!
Josh Charles Fan Page - A small page on Josh, has potential but not much yet.
Crossing Knox: Deconstructing Josh Charles - fan site
Locality: Sports Night
SportsNight Fan Page
Meeting Daddy - a little bit on a film Josh did.
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead - a section of a Christina Applegate site, has a pic of Josh.
Sundance Festival - a little blurb on Josh's flick Pie in the Sky
SportsNight - ABC's official site for the new comedy Josh is in
SportsNight Cast Bios Josh Charles - A direct link if you don't feel like looking
Baltimore's Celebrity Connections - Josh's spot on Baltimore's Hall of Fame.
IMDb Josh Charles - The Internet Movie Database entry for Josh Charles
Josh Charles TV Schedule
Pie in the Sky Homepage - The official site for a movie Josh starred in
Crossworlds - a thing on another movie Josh was in

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