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Here's where Darcy gets to blab about why she loves Josh Charles

I first saw Josh in Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and the first time I saw that, I only saw like, half of it, so I didn't know how the babysitter died or anything.
Anyway, that's not really important. I also didn't really notcie Josh particularly... I did enjoy the scene where he and Christine Applegate are in the supermarket bouncing around ont he rubber horses... but other than that, I didn't really notice him too much - I was paying a lot of attention to Mr. Keith Coogan whom I love... *grin* and whom, I might add, has the same birthday as me... Speaking of which, Josh has the same birthday as my sister and as my friend Laura Drake...

Ok, so the next thing I saw Josh in was Dead Poets Society and I didn't even recognize him or anything until I read on the internet at some Dead Poets' site that he was the guy in DTMTBD... WOW...
Well, I couldn't find anything on him and all, so I decided to make a site for him, but I also wanted to make a site for Gale Hansen, and since I didn't want to make two, I made one for them to share. Well then.

Yes well, now that I've got this site, I've seen Josh in his new television series SportNight once and didn't think much of it, and I've seen and have a taped copy of his movie Crossing the Bridge which is REALLY good by the way!!

Josh Movies Darcy has seen

•Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
•Dead Poets Society
•Crossing the Bridge

This page last update February 12th, 2000

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