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Here's where Darcy gets to blab about why she loves Gale Hansen

Ok, the first time I saw Dead Poets Society I have to admit I got Knox and Charlie mixed up - which is mainly why I made this site for Josh and Gale - cuz I got them mixed up so they are a bit similair looking... anyhue, I was liking Charlie anyway, but as soon as he announced that he was going to be "Nuanda" from then on instead of Charlie - I was in love!!!

I don't know anything about Gale, as it says on my Bio page for him and as of right now, I haven't seen him in anything BUT D.P.S. - but from his performance in that, I feel I can say, with conviction, that he is a great actor!! And cute too... You know, in some pictures he looks like Steve Burns - the guy from 'Blues Clues'!!! I love that guy - as goofy as that may BE - and I find it cool that Gale looks like him...

Gale movies Darcy has seen

•Dead Poets Society

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