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Yet another email from a friend of Gale's!!! Enjoy the new info!!!

At age FORTY, he still looks no older than TWENTY FIVE, so he has to be one of the most versatile actors in THE BIZ. Gale is doing a lot of theater work these days (it is his first love), the experience he had starring on the Fox series "Class of 1999" a few years back kind of burned him out on film & television for a while. Gale had a number of guest shots on "Murder, She Wrote" so look for him on re-runs.

Some things you just gotta know about Gale are:

-the spelling of his name was changed from Gail when he started acting professionally - the thought being that people would think of the football player Gale Sayers and not get him mixed up as being a gal! But actually "Gail" is a fairly common name for Scandinavian-American guys - he is Norwegian by ancestry.

-in high school, Gale was an incurable flirt and has always enjoyed the ladies!

-Gale was born into a working class family in Seattle, and had to work hard doing night shift jobs to support himself, even as a teenage student. He was serious about becoming a stage actor in high school, however, VERY serious.

-Intensive drama study began very early for Gale, under a renowned, formerly New York coach by the name of Earl Kelly - and while in high school he starred in Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" with Dori Monson - who is today the biggest name in talk radio in the Seattle market.

-high school classmates who went into acting include Karyn Geary (commercials, "Young and the Restless", "Knight Rider" - currently works in Las Vegas) and Kris Anderson (stagename "Crystal Lane" - he died of AIDS in 1994).

-Gale is a quiet, almost shy person to talk to in person, but he takes a genuine interest in those who come up to him - and is recognized most often by people on the street as "the cool one" from "The Dead Poets Society."

I have received an email from a guy who was friends with Gale for a while and he's given me some info on Gale!! Isn't that great!! Here it is:

GALE at the time 1991 was married to a actress, who I met twice on the set and she was a very nice person. I forgot her name for I never really talk to her, but she was one of his co-starred in SHAKING THE TREES. I don't know if they are still married, but they made a cute couple.

GALE had a baby son (kid must be six or seven by now) named Jasper. I hear he has another kid, but I don't know if it is a boy or girl.

GALE is NOT 29, for he told me he was 30 in 1991. He told me he always says he's younger to get younger roles. last time I saw him on TV, he looked younger than me (I'm 29)

GALE at the time still kept in touch with all his DEAD POETS SOCIETY co-stars (except for Robin Williams) infact, Doug Savant (shaking the trees) was his best friend at the time.

Please people, remember that I (Darcy) did not write that. It was written by a guy who was nice enough to get in touch with me, so the info is not 100% confirmed and no, Darcy has not met Gale Hansen. That is all.

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