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Site News From 8-29-98 to 8-21-99

Well, you knew it would happen... I am SO sorry there have been no updates in so long!!! I have only two things to offer for you - two new voting polls!!!! Go and vote for which one is YOUR favorite!!! And make sure you think it out ahead of time cuz you can only vote ONCE!!! Thanks so much... I will be out of town 23-27 and all... when i get back i have some new Josh pics from SportsNight to add and maybe update the info on Muppets From Space or whatever. Any contributions? Just email me! When I get home that is. That is all.

Hiyo, I know I know, it really has been forever since I updated!!! Ack!! Ok, there is a newly scanned not-so-hot quality pic of Josh in SportsNight but eh, so what? *grin* I am so glad that it is scanned and here and giving me an excuse to update! Thanks to my dearest friend Sara for scanning that! Oh, a news update for all you Josh fans (though you most likely, like myself, have known forever and a year):

Josh will make a Cameo along with F. Murry Abraham, David Arquette
and Andie McDowell when Columbia Pictures and Jim Henson Pictures
join forces for the new muppet movie MUPPETS FROM SPACE. A hilarious
extraterrestrial adventure about the search for Gonzo's past. On a
quest with his buddy Rizzo to find his real family, Gonzo discovers
that his long-lost relatives are acutally aliens from a distant planet.
Also starring Kermit, Miss Piggy and Fozzie the Bear. Scheduled for
release in July 1999.
Well, that appears to be it for the moment. Thank you so much to all of you beautiful people who have been signing the guestbook! I love you all very much and I appreciate your kind words! I do try hard and this site does suffer from an extreme lack of attention seeing as neither of these boys is doing quite so much or is so prominent in my life at the moment! I am trying to keep it updated, so it is really appreciated to hear happy words! *grin* That is all!

Well now... I know I haven't really been updating very much and all, and I hope all you fans who don't sign the guestbooks (**hint hint) dont hate me for never updating... I have a new pic on the Misc Pics page for Josh, as well as a new one from SportsNight, Pie in the Sky, and 2 new ones from Threesome. Three new Josh links as well. Well, that's about it, besides some little maintenance type stuff that I've been doing. That is all.

Hiyo. 4 new pictures of Josh in Threesome and 2 new Misc pics of him courtesy of A Josh Charles Fan Page (see links page). Also, I've added another movie to Gale's filmography. I was looking up my people on Hollywood Online and I found this other movie Gale was in, according to them, so I figured, why not? and put it on his filmography! *grin* I'm still working on getting that other picture scanned. Also, Josh will be appearing in the new Muppets movie, with a cameo role. It's called 'Muppets From Space' or 'Muppets In Space' or something. I'll try to keep you posted. That is all.

New stuff!!!! I've added a '6 Degrees of' game to each of the guys' pages!!! Hope you have fun with 'em!!! Guess what!!! I won an award!!! Tralalalalala!!!!! First one any of my sites has earned (wierd tho that may seem... to me, anyway) and I'm so proud of it and I'm displaying it on the main page and you can even vote for it some more in that starsite type thing!!!!! *grin* well, that's all for now! I found another SportsNight pic in the newspaper today so hopefully since my scanning slave Sara is getting her life back lately, she will be able to scan it soon!!! That is all!!!

Well now, it isn't often that I update two days in a ROW! But I was added to for the Gale Hansen section, and I did decide that while I was at it I should probably move the webring code to it's own page and it had been really bothering me that my jumpstation banner on the mainpage was not working (cuz i'm a fucking genius) and ummm... that's about it except that if the webring button doesn't work, I haven't uploaded it yet so keep your pants on! *seriously* Now I have to run away and all, back to Never Never Land for me. That is all. By the way, did you realize that this site's 6 month anniversary is coming up in just a few days??? Well, like... 14... but STILL! That is all really.

Hiyo! *hee* I rented Rounders to get pics of John Malkovich for my Malkovich site, and lo and behold, what movie should have an ad at the beginning but LITTLE CITY!!! So I also have 8 new pictures from it for the Josh Charles section! That's it except that I joined another webring which means that I will be having to make a seperate section for all the webring codes cuz otherwise the main page will be taking forever to load and we cannot have that now, can we? That is all!

Well now!! Hiyo to you all today!!! *grin* I have redone this site rather nicely if I do say so myself!!! And I made a new banner and a new header for the site, and new title buttons and all kinds of nice things that make the site just plain look better... *grin* Other than that, my next big update will be to finally write reviews for this site and to get some new screen captures from Crossing the Bridge which I have now got a copy of since it was on TV last week... and ummm... that's about all... yes, That is all.

Hiyo hiyo hiyo hiyo!!! Two new pictures today, on the Josh side of things anyway... The new one from SportsNight comes to you courtesy of my dear friend Lauren and the other, from Threesome, comes to you courtesy of a Blockbuster media CD and ummm... Cool beans I say!! *grin* And there's ANOTHER Gale fan!!!! *grin*** Damn I wish I could get hold of one of his other movies and damn I wish he would do something new!!! *grin* That is all for now... More to come later i'm hoping!

Hiyo and Happy New Year to everyone out there in Josh and Gale land!!! News for now is that - on the Josh front we have a new Misc picture, a new Meeting Daddy picture on the Misc picture page, and new pictures from Sports Night and Threesome! And on the Gale front... not much!! Another Gale fan has contacted me but other than that... *sigh* and go sign the guestbook damn you!! I'm all alone and if you're reading this and don't go sign then damn you for bad karma the rest of your life! *grrr* That is all.

Today I've changed my email address... actually, I changed my email address a while ago, but i'm starting to change it to slowly but whatever. So please email me there instead of at the other address. Thanks.

Hiyo! all's I've got for ya today is this: This site has now got a guestbook! *grin* PLEASE GO SIGN IT SO I DON'T FEE QUITE SO LONELY!!!!

Heeeeeere we go... here we go again.... ok then, the only new thing I added today was... A new pic from Sports Night - thanks be to Miss Lauren my dear friend for that one!!! *grin* Love ya! and I think that's all now...

Hullo again!! Well well well... ummmm... Three month anniversary in 2 days!!! yee-haw!!! Well, today I fixed a name on the links page, I had written Josh's name under Gale's links when indeed, it was a GALE link, so oh well. And I've replaced all of my banners on the main page that led to my various other websites with a single banner that will lead people to a page with the banners of all of my sites and I've made three new sites!! *grin* I'm insane, there's no stopping me!!! argh!!!! That is all.

Hey there!! Well ummm... all's that's new is that I made a new, improved and DIFFERENT banner for the site, not like you'd really notice unless you went to one of my other sites and saw it or something, but still, I thought I'd mention it!! *grin* That is all.

I was just trying to remember how old this site is... August is month #8 and November is month #11 so... 3 months on the 27th!!! YEEhaw!!! *grin* All righte, with that out of the way, I have the new picture from Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead and such a nice picture it is too!! *grin* I love that movie and hopefully someday it'll have it's own page for pictures... *grin* Oh, speaking of which, Josh now has his own Misc. Pictures page... and BTW, yeah I know my email thing is missing from it, I was in a rush!!! I wrote the entire code for that page in about 3 seconds!!! *sigh* Well, hopefully there'll be more to come soon, so stick around!!! *grin* That is all.

Hello again!!! New Josh pictures!!! I have 4 new ones from Sports Night, 3 new ones from Crossing the Bridge, a new one from Pie in the Sky, and I've gotten you a few more choice Josh links!!! By the way, the one for the Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead... it worked for me one day and I downloaded the pictures but it didn't really download or SOMETHING so I don't have it and the next day (today) I went back and it said the server doesn't have a DNS entry. Horse Hockey!! Oh well... I'll keep on trying back to it (not just for the Josh pic either, there's some cool beans ones with KEITH COOGAN too!!! *grin*) and put the pic up when I can!! Also coming up next time: A Josh Misc. picture page, with two misc pics of just josh and one from 'Meeting Daddy' that is too small for it's own page. That is all.

Wow... I know I haven't updated in an entire month and all... but I've been up to my nose in other crap... and I'm sorry that the only new stuff I have is some good info on the Gale Bio page!! Many thanks to the guy who emailed me with all the info who used to know Gale... it's very much appreciated!!! I hope to be able to rent some new Josh or Gale movies soon and get new pictures but no promises!! That is all.

I've added a great link to a new Josh site I've been directed to by my dearest friend AngelBell!! It's great, go check it out right now!! Also new, I've got six new pictures of Josh in SportsNight, and new pics from Threesome, Crossing the Bridge, and Little City. Also, a few other new Josh links... enjoy!! *grin*

Today I've added a page of pictures from Josh's latest endevour - a CBS(i think) comedy about sports called, ironically, Sports Night. I haven't been smart enough to catch it yet, so I can't tell you how it is, but I can say thank you forever to my dear friend Lauren for the great pictures!!! *Grin* and I've added text tags to the bottoms of all the pages, and I've changed the header and the banner and to spead up loading time I've added height and width tags to the images, and I've fixed (I hope) the Josh pictures that weren't working. *grin* ok, now to go make the Sports page and get the TV ready to tape M*A*S*H...

Well well well... it's been a while, but I am back and alive and kicking and all that stuff... Ok, so I've now gotten myself OODLES and just shitloads of great Dead Poets Society pictures of both guys together and on each of their individual pages. However, I might add that I haven't uploaded any of these pictures yet as of right now while I'm typing this. I wil though, and I'm also going thru changing the email address cuz I no longer use the old one and deleting borders on picture links that look bad with them. That is all.

Today I uploaded all of my pictures that I have, so far, of Gale and Josh and I put them up on pages and links to them from each actor's picture gallery page. Gale only has pics from Dead Poets Society, but I have a few of Josh from some other stuff. Also, I fixed the Reviews button on the index page.

Today I set up the pages for links, reviews, and pictures of both of the guys, I also fixed the header to work on every page and the email icon. And you can now read the filmography's, misc, and bios on both of the guys. Also, there are links and pictures of both of them. More to come later.

Today I uploaded all the pages and the buttons to link to them. There is no content on them as of yet - but they are up. I have also been working my arse off trying to get the main page to do what I wanted it to do... It works, for now, I need to do something about the lines but the lines are the only way I can get the Gale stuff on one side and the Josh stuff on the other!!! So sue me... THIS IS MY 9th WEBSITE FOR CRIPESAKE!!! cut me some slack...

This page last update November 5th, 1999

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